Makadi Bay

The beaches of Makadi Bay are wide strips of golden sand, smoothly turning into a crystal clear sea. This paradise, surrounded by mountains, is the perfect place to relax in Egypt. The climate in this bay is comfortable at any time of the year. Summer air temperature is on average + 35 ° С, and in winter - + 20 ° С. Water temperature at any time of the year is not lower than + 20 ° С.
The coastal strip is divided between hotels and equipped with all the necessary attributes of a beach holiday (sun beds, umbrellas, water attractions, etc.). The beaches are sandy with an admixture of shells and incredibly clean. The territory is regularly cleaned not only debris, but also fragments of corals. A characteristic feature is a direct and gentle descent on all the beaches of this Egyptian resort. Sunset in the sea mostly sandy. However, guests of some hotels will still need to use special shoes.
The diversity of marine flora and fauna is very large. You can see colorful animals near the shore. The reason for this are the nearby coral reefs. One, of which looks directly at the central beach of the resort Makadi Bay, approximately at a distance of 70 meters.

Sharm El Sheikh Beaches

The resort of Sharm el-Sheikh is dominated by coral beaches. Directly from the coast begins the diversity of marine life, which is so famous for the Red Sea. Also for the beaches in Sharm characterized by a small width. They are mostly multi-level, which gives them a special zest. Regardless of the fact that it is necessary to go down to the sea by stairs, the rest in this place of Egypt is magnificent.
Corals with a length of 20 or even 50 meters from the sandy strip are a beautiful sight, but they make it difficult to enter the water. The hotels, which appeared at the very beginning of the resort building, cut down the corals and organized for their guests a sandy descent into the sea. Those who did not have time to do the same, are looking for other ways to protect their guests. From the beaches of many hotels are already equipped with pontoons that go into the open sea far beyond the reefs. They allow tourists to reach the depth without risking a cut. The remaining hotels are still limited to the issuance of special shoes.

Hurghada beaches

Hurghada is one of the oldest and best resorts in Egypt, and hence the sandy beaches here are the most luxurious and equipped. They are gentle, covered with the purest sand. It is convenient to enter the input, the entrance is not difficult for corals. Climatic conditions are slightly worse than in other resorts of Egypt. It is colder and windy here, as a result of the lack of protecting mountains. At the same time, the Hurghada sea is quite calm.
The best beaches of this Egyptian resort are divided into classes. There are several luxurious, with developed beach infrastructure. There are even installed windshields near the sun beds. The cost of entry to these beaches, of course, is not cheap. There are more budget options, which also present all beach paraphernalia (umbrellas, sun beds) and water activities. In Hurghada, the beaches are distributed between hotels, but there are urban. Some hotels, along with beaches, also own coral reefs, which gives their guests the opportunity to enjoy watching the marine life.