Egyptian beaches

Summer is the time when you can sunbathe lazily, exposing your face to the rays of the sun. It's time when you can bathe before losing your memory in order to forget everything, like the Dory fish, and get new impressions next year. Beach holidays are always beautiful, regardless of whether you are resting on the banks of your native Volga or near the Indian Ocean.

Perhaps it is difficult not to agree that the attractive appearance, convenience and quality of the beach at the resort is one of the main components of a comfortable holiday on the coast. There are many types of beaches. Every tourist finds for himself the best option. 
Egyptian beaches, like few others in the world, are very diverse. However, when describing beaches in Egyptian resorts, usually only two terms are used - sand or coral. The promotional leaflets of hotels are the most common sandy recreation areas. But here it must be borne in mind that the sandy beach on the pages of advertising may actually turn out to be far from completely sandy, but coral in the underwater part, with a sandy mound brought by the coast. Sandy can rightly be called only such a coast, in which sandy rocks prevail both on the coastline and in the coastal sea zone. Coral beaches, on the other hand, are more colorful under the water, but they mean swimming under their feet only in special shoes in order to exclude the possibility of injury due to contact with reefs. As already noted, Egypt can boast of both sandy and coral recreation areas, but this variety of resort coasts is not exhausted.

What to take to the beach

This is a real "must-have" beach holiday. For those who do not want to get the color of freshly brewed cancer and linger until the end of holidays / vacations with temperatures below 40. In addition, such creams protect the skin from the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation, provoking premature aging and the appearance of cancer cells. The lighter the skin, the higher the protection index should be
Tanning oil
It will help to quickly get the desired chocolate color. But remember that it can only be used when you are already well tanned.
As the name implies, they will protect your eyes from harmful UV light (the main thing is that the lenses are polarized!) And help you feel Agent Kay.

Bottle of water
Relaxing on the beach, you just need to drink plenty of water to protect the body from dehydration. And for taste, you can add a slice of lemon or a sprig of mint. So you get a great soft drink.

Large towel
In which so snug after bathing.

What to do on the beach

Frisbee game. This is a classic game for the beach, people will never get tired of this game. Find a company for the game quickly. There are more advanced versions of frisbee: Golf Frisbee, Ultimate, freestyle. Other games we know on the beach can also bring a lot of laughter and fun.
Read books. Beach vacation should bring only joy, relax under the rays of the warm sun. You can read a couple of simple books or entertainment magazines in the shadows.
Take a tan topless. You have to be really brave to undress in public. Such an experience can make you a courageous and brave person. Be prepared for the fact that you can be condemned. And so that this does not happen, make sure that you are exposed on a nudist beach. Take care of yourself, otherwise you can get into an unpleasant situation.
Write poems. On the beach, you can write good poems, and maybe a song. The atmosphere is conducive to inspiration. Water was a muse for many famous poets, you can also join them. Maybe you always wanted to write a book, but did not find free time for this? Take a moment!
New acquaintances. On the beaches a lot of people spend their free time, and most of them are glad to new acquaintances. The general game of volleyball or frisbee is conducive to communication.


corals cannot be taken away from the sea. And in this country there are women's beaches where only women bathe: you cannot rest here with a camera and with a mobile phone.